IndieWeb Prototypes

I started building a collection of small prototypes for the IndieWeb. They are meant to be used together, but every piece can be easily replaced by another service that uses the microsub / micropub spec.

The IndieWeb is a movement that promotes the idea of people having greater control over their online identities and content. It emphasizes the importance of individuals owning their data and being able to easily move it between platforms. In practical terms, this means building and using web technologies that enable users to publish content on their own websites, and then syndicate that content to social media and other platforms if desired. By doing this, users can maintain control over their online presence, and ensure that they are not at the mercy of centralized services that can change their policies, shut down, or be hacked. The IndieWeb community also values user privacy and security, and works to create tools and standards that help people protect their personal information online. Overall, the IndieWeb seeks to empower individuals to be active participants in the web, rather than passive consumers of content on corporate-owned platforms.

All these prototypes are written in PHP with human readable text files for data storage in a transparent folder structure, so no dependencies (other than PHP 8) are required. They should run on any off-the-mill webhosting account. The folder structure of the content folder is inspired by Kirby, which is designed to be readable by humans, so it should be very easy to move the data to another system. Everything aims to be as simple and fast as possible. To install one of the prototypes, download the latest release from GitHub, upload it to your webserver and open the URL in a browser. If the prototype needs configuration, you will be guided through the setup process.

This is currently under development and in an early alpha stage. Things may still change a lot, so don't use anything in production yet. This page will be updated gradually.


A micropub server and small website system. This can be your own website. All content can be created via textfiles in folders, or by using a micropub client (like Sekretär).

Eigenheim on GitHub


A microsub server that is used for following and collecting feeds. It runs in the background and collects new posts from all the feeds you follow automatically. It is not meant to be used for reading any posts, use a microsub client (like Sekretär) for that.

Postamt on GitHub


A microsub and micropub client. You can connect it to your Eigenheim and Postamt instance. It allows you to make new posts to your micropub server (Eigenheim) and read all the posts from feeds you follow (Postamt).

Sekretär on GitHub

[unnamed authentication service]

This will be used for authentication; currently I'm just using email verification via