Vin, named after a character from the Mistborn Books by Brandon Sanderson, is my daily driver for work: a XPS 13 laptop with Manjaro Gnome.


The Laptop is the Dell XPS 13 2017 model (9360). I upgraded the disk to a 2 TB NvME at some point, and in 2022 I replaced the battery, which was suprisingly easy.

I started with Ubuntu with the Gnome Desktop because I had used Ubuntu some years back and it's easy to get used to. I then switched to hardcore mode (Arch Gnome) after one year because I wanted to know how everything works under the hood and then settled on Manjaro Gnome after another year. This distro has the sweet spot between cutting edge and stability and is perfect for my needs, and I'm running it since then.

I love the USB-C port: either at home or in the office I just need one cable to connect power, display, sound, keyboard, mouse and webcam. The keyboard is pretty decent for a laptop keyboard (and I am a bit spoiled as far as keyboards are concerned), the trackpad is as good as it gets if you don't have a MacBook. The webcam is garbage, but I don't use it that much and it's better than having no webcam at all. Headphone jack (which also takes a microphone, or even a headset), SD card reader, two USB 3 ports, one USB-C port that can be used to power the laptop - what more do you need when you are on the road? And when I'm at my desk, everything is connected via the USB-C port anyway. It even has one of those buttons you can press to see how much battery is left, even if the laptop is closed and powered of. I also have one of those big power banks that can provide enough power over USB-C to charge the laptop. Or if I have no charger with me, one of those fancy usb-c macbook chargers my friends carry around works perfectly. And it has a 4k touchscreen. I never thought I would use a touchscreen on a laptop, but sometimes when reading articles I use it to scroll, which is pretty nice. Nothing that you really need, but if it's there anyways it makes life a bit better.

Both in the office and at home I have a 38" monitor, a selfmade keyboard, a decent mouse and a webcam. I only need to connect one USB-C cable to link up all the peripherals and also charge the laptop.

Best computer for work I ever owned. Unfortunately, the new revisions of this model lack a lot of the useful features, so when it's time to upgrade, I'll have a closer look at the Framework Laptop instead - but hopefully this is still a few years away.