This is the personal website of Max Häßlein.

Responsible for everything under the and domains is Max Häßlein, Kupferstr. 31, 90478 Nürnberg.

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The data center and all computers in my home run exclusively on renewable energy. This website tries to produce a low energy consumption as possible by using little to no JavaScript, loading things only when needed and consisting of static html files.

In some places, the Vimeo player is used to display embeded videos. Content from Vimeos servers is only loaded after a click on the play button. The Vimeo player gets embeded with the 'do not track' option, so no cookies are set and nothing gets tracked; the data privacy policy for Vimeo can be found here. A description for the 'do not track' option can be found here at the dnt parameter. Additionally, the player embed is sandboxed to further limit the possibility of tracking.

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