Max photo of Max Häßlein#
Hi, my name is Max Häßlein (my last name means little bunny).

I am building visual objects and auditory tools, making films, taking photographs, coding websites and teaching, among other things. I also work as a web developer for NPIRE and my own clients, teach creative coding and game development basics at the Design Faculty of the TH Nürnberg or work on own projects and build some stuff with raspberry pies, like a selfie printer or an audio sampler. Recently, I started researching the IndieWeb and everything that entails.

I am based in Nuremberg (Germany) and share my office space with Anne, Fabi and Philipp. Since the beginning of 2020 I keep a photographic diary where I post a new pictures every so often.

If you want to know what I'm up to at the moment, have a look at the now page. If you want to grab a coffee, get in touch. You can reach me at or if we know each other in person, write me on Signal or Telegram.

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