The Dreamers

The Dreamers is a music controlled projection with live beat detection. It is named after the 2003 movie by Bernardo Bertolucci.

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captured at various parties, showing The Dreamers v.2 and v.3, running on a Raspberry Pi

Version 1, 2015-2016, HTML, JavaScript, MacBook
Version 2, 2016-2018, Python, Aubio, OpenCV, Raspberry Pi 3 B+
Version 3, 2019-2020, Python, Aubio, OpenCV, Raspberry Pi 4 B
Version 4, 2023, Python, Aubio, OpenCV, Raspberry Pi 4 B, currently in development

Coded in Python with OpenCV for visual output and effects and Aubio for beat detection. Video snippets of Version 1 - 3 from Version 2 runs in 480p/15fps on a Pi 3 B+, Version 3 in 480p/30fps on a Pi 4 B.

Version 4 runs in 720p/24fps on a Raspberry Pi 4 B and is currently in development.