The d-server is a website for the students of the faculty Design of the Technische Hochschule Georg Simon Ohm in Nuremberg. Developed during the pandemic, students can upload and categorize their work and explore what their fellow students created.

Primarily developed for internal use, this platform is also used for the public exhibition at the end of the semester.

Created together with Simona and with support from a few students, this is a long time project that will evolve and change as time goes on. Currently there are two different designs available, a darker column-style design inspired by old computer terminals, and a brighter masonry-style design with different filters.

Based on a highly customized WordPress system with a custom coded theme and plugins and a custom admin area for students to upload their work.

version 2 with a masonry-style design
the filters can be combined flexible; if JavaScript is enabled, the content gets loaded seamlessly via ajax
JavaScript also makes endless scroll possible
when viewing a student or a work case, information is displayed on the left side
it is still possible to switch back to the old v1 design; v1 defaults to the winter semester of 2020/2021, v2 defaults to the summer semester of 2021
the version 1 design features a column-style navigation
all the content can be viewed with both version 1 and version 2
 version 1 is based on the Mac Finder and old terminals#
 version 1 user profile pictures are displayed as ASCII art#
 a work case can be built from different content blocks, like text, images, audio and videos#