For the server in our office I built a WeTransfer style file sharing page.

Files can be uploaded super fast via a network samba file share, or via a browser in the admin area. There, one can also generate links. Every file can have multiple links with their own expiry date, and additionally links can have the name of the client or project in their slug. When uploading files, one can also automatically compress them into one zip file (which is handy when uploading multiple files). The web uploader utilises the chunking function of Plupload, so in theory files can be as big as the free space on the server. Multi-GB files are no problem.

the admin area features chunked upload of multiple files at once, with the possibility to combine and compress them into one zip file on the go; when uploading images, a small preview thumbnail is shown before uploading

 every file can have multiple links with their own expiry date and an optional client/project name in the link; every link tracks it's download count seperately#

 the client only sees the file they are supposed to download; if it's a zip file, the containing filenames are show prior to the download#

 the download page can be styled individually for every domain#